Fall yellow aspen leaves engagement photo
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Fall yellow aspen leaves engagement photo

Fall is really an amazing time for engagement photography in Colorado.

Not only does the weather get milder and more stable (read no thunderstorms!), but the scenery takes on a life of its own.  Colors change dramatically, and depending on where you go you can find aspens and other trees with leaves turning orange, yellow and red.  Every year is different because of the temperatures, so timing the session can require constant vigilance.  

This photo was taken in Pingree Park during the peak Fall colors.  We were hiking towards our goal of reaching a meadow, when I saw this long tunnel of aspens with a magical light shining through.  I decided to bring a more moody, emotional feeling to the photo by focusing on exposing for the highlights.  I found a small patch of leaves I could crouch behind and used a long focal length to get the couple further along.  This helped compress the background and have the color surrounding them.  The final touch is capturing a great connection between the couple, and Sarah and Logan did not disappoint.  They are amazing together1

If you're looking for engagement photos in the great outdoors, I specialize in weaving your love story with the landscape to create a fun and adventurous experience.

Pingree Park is located in Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado.

Location: Roosevelt National Forest, 16321 Pingree Park Rd, Bellvue, CO 80512.