The Preserve at Bingham Hill wedding photographer
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The Preserve at Bingham Hill wedding photographer

The Preserve at Bingham Hill is a beautiful, secluded venue in Fort Collins that offers a variety of photo locations, including a white sand beach, covered bridge, gazebos, ponds and indoor reception venue.

The location is remote and close to many parks, so it feels like you are far away from the city.  The venue has been completely re-done and improved in time for the 2017 wedding season, so it will be sure to please future couples.

This photo is a classic portrait of the bride and groom that shows the connection between the couple.  I like to take at least one photo like this in each scenic location so the couple have a variety of portraits to choose from.  After this more 'posey' photo I move on to letting the couple interact more naturally and not be 'camera aware', which allows for more real moments to happen.  I also love to layer the background of an image with the scenery.  Here there are some tree branches hanging down just behind the couple and framing them nicely, but there is also an added layer of branches further behind them that make for a soft background for the bride and groom to stand out from.

The Preserve at Bingham Hill is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Contact: Natalie Diekmann, (970) 488-3092, Website:

Location: The Preserve at Bingham Hill, 3924 Bingham Hill Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80521.