Golden Colorado wedding photographer
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Golden Colorado wedding photographer

Golden is blessed with a location nestled against the foothills between Lookout Mountain and Table Mountains and founded in 1859 during the gold rush.  

Although the name came from gold mining, as a photographer I like to think of the light being golden here, like in the aptly-named Golden Hour.  In this candid photo taken in the sun's glorious rays, the bride is hugging a child of a good friend of hers.  Girls always seem to have a giddyness about them in seeing the bride, maybe because they know the might become one themselves one day.  I always use the light to my advantage, and here I kept the sun behind the subjects to create almost a halo effect around them.

Golden has a slew of great wedding venue options, including The Briarwood Inn, The Pines at Genesee, Christies at Genesee, the Golden Hotel, The Vista Applewood Golf Course, Chief Hosa Lodge, Table Mountain Inn, Boettcher Mansion, Crystal Rose, and Mount Vernon Country Club.  These locations give a variety of photography possibilities, and the main street has an iconic shot that begs to be taken under the city name sign.

I would love for you to consider me for your Golden Colorado wedding photographer needs.

Location: Golden, Colorado.