Mark Creery Photography

What to expect when choosing me?

As a photographer at your wedding, I am with you for a large part of your day. This means it's important we connect well. You wouldn't want to feel awkward around your photographer or have him/her make your guests uncomfortable too, right? To help with this I make sure we talk or meet several times before the wedding so that we’re comfortable with each other, including at the engagement session if you choose one. I am quiet and discreet for the most part, so you won’t even notice me most of the time (I’ve been described as a ‘ninja’!). I step in when I need to give direction to make sure you get the wedding photos you need efficiently. You won’t need to worry at all about your photos as I’ll have it all under control and will keep an eye on time for you to keep things on track. My job also involves being a pseudo-wedding planner sometimes, so I can help with your timeline and doing all I can to makes sure it is the perfect day you hoped for.


I can get preparation photos in as little as one hour or less depending on locations and how much candid coverage you'd like. Ideally, the bride and groom and getting ready in the same venue, or within a few minutes drive of each other if you'd like both sides covered. Or you can have a second photographer along so you can get more photos of each side. I can cover both the groomsmen and bridesmaids by myself though, or just focus on the bride. Don’t worry - the photos are all PG, and I make sure your make-up is looking good before snapping away. I capture the details like the shoes, dress, jewelry and anything else important to you. The guys are much quicker, and I usually get shots of them suiting up, googling how to tie a tie, struggling to get their boutonnieres on, and having some laughs. I am usually stepping in to help with the finer details like lint removal and getting their boutonnieres on. I also have an emergency kit with me in case there are things you need, like scissors or breath mints!


We either start with a First Look, which a great way to have some intimate time before being in the spotlight, or some photos of the bridesmaids together and the groomsmen just before the ceremony. I try to finish these by about half an hour before the ceremony, so you aren't seen by guests arriving. After the ceremony, I usually get a shot of all the guests together after you've had as much time as you'd like mingling and being congratulated by your guests. Then I dive into the family portraits to get these done quickly. I like you to have a list of the photos you want done beforehand, that way we can get through these photos as efficiently as possible so you have more time for the more fun photos and your guests. I then get lots of photos of the happy couple as well as the bridal party, in various combinations before the reception starts. The longer we have for this time the better, so make sure to build a buffer into your timeline in case your ceremony runs late. I look for scenic backdrops in beautiful light and let you guys have fun together with only enough direction to keep things flowing nicely.


Of course, I also capture the whole ceremony the make sure you see all the small moments as well as the big ones, like the knowing looks and laughs, your teary-eyed relatives, and people’s reactions. These are the things you didn’t know happened that you’ll love seeing. I use two camera bodies and different lenses to quickly capture these fleeting moments with both the close-up and wider perspectives.

At the reception I take lots of candid photos of you and your guests having fun, the heartfelt and hilarious toasts, cake cutting, and mad dancing skills until as long as you want me. If you are doing a Grand Exit, I make sure you schedule that in before my coverage ends. If you do this a little earlier then more people will be in your photos, as older guests and guests with small children are more likely to not have left by then. I also capture any and all those details you spent so much time planning (and money on!).


Depending on your plans you may need coverage before the ceremony, like the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, wedding shower, or even a Day After session (where you get to be adventurous). I am happy to make a personalized quote for whatever you need!